Day 3 in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

 3rd Day:  Slow Market of Stellenbosch

Address: Oude Libertas Estate,
Oude Libertas Road, Stellenbosch
When: Every Saturday from 09h00-14h00, Rain or Shine
Why:  It is an absolute MUST-DO!  This market is the BEST: It has plenty of amazing stalls and an artsy-happy vibe (with music and chilled bubbly! YES PLEASE! ). We initially chose it as our breakfast destination as we were checking out of Aan de Vliet and wanted to experience high gourmet street food whilst browsing authentic artisanal products.


About the ‘Slow’ Concept: It the opposite of fast food/fast fashion: Every food sold at the Slow
market has been freshly produced locally, the artisanal products available are indeed the complete opposite of “fast fashion”/mass produced products: handcrafted with care, they are made of quality products.
Highlights: There are SO many highlights at the Slow Market! I personally bought handmade leather sandals, souvenirs and the most beautiful handcrafted leather bag (And I am seriously in love with it!). It has the best food and beverage stalls so definitely plan to have your breakfast or lunch there. We had the best brunch, with organic coffee,  gigantic mushrooms skewers, bubbly with oysters, macaroons and dishes we don’t even know the name but which were oh-so delicious. Also, if you’re staying at a self-service unit, do plan to do some grocery shopping there as there is plenty of choice.
It’s now time to leave gorgeous Stellensbosch for our road trip towards Franschhoek! On our way, we stopped for the ultimate cheese and wine experience.

2nd stop: Fairview Wine & Cheese

Address:  Fairview Wine & Cheese,  Suid-Agter Paarl,  Road 7646 – Mon to Sun 09:00 to 16:30 –
+27 21 863 3609
Why: They have a renowned (artisanal) cheese and wine pairing AND they have a legendary goat tower.
Review: Although the Mediterranean-style restaurant is beautiful, it is very big and very packed, so it has this “factory” feel. The cheese and wine lunch was still glorious though.




3rd Stop : Drakenstein Lion Park


Why: It’s was on our way out when we left “Fairview Wine and Cheese.


Review:  It was a special way to see lions and tigers up close and personal on a site where they are not exploited: This Lion Park has been established to provide a sanctuary for big cats from around the world who were held captive in a cruel way or whose owners couldn’t afford to keep them anymore. Since these animals are captive bred, they cannot be rehabilitated to the wild. The sanctuary hence provides a safe and vast place for them to live, free from persecution and abuse.



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