Western Cape, South Africa – Stellenbosch

The Must sees and dos of  Stellenbosch

We took a trip to Cape Town and my boyfriend Stephane put together the perfect itinerary of must sees and dos of the Western Cape and its wine lands.  We started our trip by Stellenbosch and this is our day by day journey:



1st stop : CLOS MALVERNE

Address: Devon Valley Road, Stellenbosch


Why: We chose Clos Malverne because of its impeccable views over the vineyards and the mountains
of Stellenbosch and it didn’t disappoint!


Highlights:  The staff is warm and professional, a complimentary glass of the house sparkling wine is offered upon arrival and the restaurant offers panoramic views of the valley. We found the food fabulous and perfectly paired with the wine. The four of us ordered different things and we all loved our meals, made from produce freshly sourced on the wine farm itself.  If like me, you’re a salad lover, you will love their ostrich salad with pear & walnuts.



Address: Blaauwklippen Rd, Helderberg, Stellenbosch
Why: Waterford Winery is an award-winning estate and has a very unique wine and chocolate tasting experience.
Review:  This estate is so beautiful that all I wanted to do was walk and walk and devour with my eyes as much beauty as I could.  The main edifice, made-up of intricate The main edifice, made-up of intricate hand-cut stonework and styled in terracotta, is reminiscent of classic Italian wine farms and is surrounded by perfectly manicured vineyards and citrus groves. It has a majestic blue mountain range as a backdrop hand-cut stonework and styled in terracotta, is reminiscent of classic Italian wine farms and is surrounded by perfectly manicured vineyards and citrus groves.
We were hosted by the stunning and very knowledgeable Nikki, who talked us through the chocolate and wine tasting experience. Needless to say that this delectable moment brought our South African food and wine safari on a whole different level of awesomeness.


3rd Stop: Check-in at AAN DE VLIET, our Accommodation in Stellenbosch. 

Address: Blaauwklippen Road, Paradyskloof , Stellenbosch
Why:  It is a guest house located on a family estate. The garden is beautiful and the lodging is comfortable, safe, clean and decorated with awesome taste.  You can really feel that it is a place created with love and passion.
Review:  The guesthouse is nestled on a vineyard so it offers beautiful and safe morning and afternoon walks. That being said, I also did go for a run in the neighborhood. Plus, you are hosted by the gorgeous Freda and since it’s a big family who lives on the estate, it feels homely and you get a glimpse of the South African family way of life, with the Braai’s smell in the afternoon, the sound of the Afrikaans language and the kids playing quietly in the lush garden.
The vineyard at Aan De Vliet, Stellenbosch

 4th Stop: It’s dinner time and we’re eating at Mont Marie.

Address: Blaauwklippen Rd, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa+27 21 880 0777

Why: It is only 200 metres from our guest house, Aan de Vliet and is apparently one of best rated restaurant in Stellenbosch. It has also been personally recommended by our hostess, Freda.
Review: The setting is splendid, the food amazing and the service was perfect.
IMPORTANT: The kitchen closes at around 20:00, so do book your table before going and do plan to go early.

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