Getaway at Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge

So my boyfriend surprised me with  a weekend getaway at ‘Lacaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge’ in the south of Mauritius.  Being in the hospitality industry, I keep up regularly with everything tourism-related and I knew that the place, nestled in mountainous region of the island, was consistently awarded the Travelers’ Choice award by Trip Advisor in the romance category and that made me feel ….very skeptical. 

I am NOT a romantic person. Just the word ‘romance’ makes thousand of red valentines hearts (and other tacky things) splash across my eyes and causes me to shift uncomfortably in my chair. So a non-romantic person going to one of the most romantic places in Mauritius?! I am not going to lie: I was panicking. But, the place won me over. It didn’t change me into a romantic person, but succeeded in making my couple spend a romantic time.

So what’s so special about the place? Surely it touches every guest differently but what here is what i really liked about the place:

1. Unlike in big cities, most hotels on islands like Mauritius are surrounded by a garden. So typically, what you would firstly see is the building, surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden. At Lacaz Chamarel, you barely see the lodges. Nature takes over and I love it. 

2. There’s something about the overall mood there. It just calms you down.

3. I was lucky enough to stay at ‘Piton Canot’, the lodge which is higher on the mountain and which therefore has the best view.  The interior décor is sober, the bed is amazingly confortable and the linen is a delight. The villa has, of course, its private swimming pool. 


And surprise: no TV in the villa. There was however a great wifi connection but something about the place just kind of make you lose interest about the technology and make you more interested into spending quality time with your better half. There was a game of chess in the villa and since I don’t know how to play, my boyfriend taught me on our second evening there. A fun couple activity which definitely broke the everyday routine. The place really encourages you to connect with your partner.

4.I also really enjoyed the dining experience: typical Mauritian dishes with a touch of sophistication, served in an intimate, quiet restaurant. 

5.Finally, the staff really does make the difference. There was something really touching about them. They were genuinely kind, seemed genuinely happy to have you there and were very eager to please.  I was delighted to meet Tony, the concierge. He gave me a ride to the villa in one the buggies and I mentioned to him that I learnt through the coffee-table book narrating the history of Lakaz Chamarel that he had been working there since a very long time. “Yes” he replied with much pride in his eye, “The very first employee”.

There’s more to tell and so much more to see and feel at Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge but it wouldn’t be much fun if I said it all, wouldn’t it?


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